0.3.0: More skills, more stuff to do!

You could consider 0.3.0 to be the first proper content update for Tiny Life: It adds a bunch of new skills and objects that you can learn and interact with when playing the game.

Also, the interaction menu now allows categories, meaning that it'll be a bit easier to navigate with a lot of interactions:

Here's the full changelog:

- New skills: Painting, charisma and humor
- New furniture: Mirror, bookcase and books
- Added descriptions for needs and skills
- Added a destruction tool for build mode
- Added action categories
- Back up the save file before loading


tiny-life-win.zip 174 MB
Version 0.3.0 Dec 09, 2020
tiny-life-linux.zip 174 MB
Version 0.3.0 Dec 09, 2020
tiny-life-mac.zip 174 MB
Version 0.3.0 Dec 09, 2020

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This is one beautiful game!

Thank you so much! <3