0.5.0: Emotions!

Now, we're finally getting somewhere: In the 0.5.0 update released today, emotions were introduced into the game!

People can gain emotions through certain events (like cleaning disgusting dishes, having a boring day at work, reading a good book or being seen while on the toilet), and emotions affect people for a certain amount of time. Below are some screenshots to show the emotions, as well as some other, neat new stuff!

Jessica is uncomfortable because she had to do the dishes. Oh no!

Jessica is embarrassed because something awkward happened in the bathroom, and that's not all...

The character creator got a little upgrade: The preview pictures now look a lot nicer!

You can now set the genealogy of your household members. (This doesn't do much yet, though.)

And lastly, there's a new house and household on the default map. Check it out by starting a new save file!

Here's the full changelog as well. Have fun!

- Added emotions
  - Added 7 emotion types
  - Made 22 events cause emotions
  - Made some actions and skills be affected by emotions
- Added a new family and house to the map
- Added genealogy (which has no effect yet)
- Fixed the console displaying when launching the game
- Fixed a crash when launching the game for the first time
- Improved the look of the character creator's icons
- People will now leave the room when someone uses toilets or showers
- [API] Added some events


tiny-life-win.zip 174 MB
Version 0.5.0 Jan 11, 2021
tiny-life-linux.zip 174 MB
Version 0.5.0 Jan 11, 2021
tiny-life-mac.zip 174 MB
Version 0.5.0 Jan 11, 2021

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