0.7.0: Breaking Furniture, Programming, and Many Improvements!

The new version, 0.7.0, adds a ton of new content, and also a bunch of fixes to the game! As always, the full changelog is at the bottom and in the game's main menu, but there are a few things that are better explained using screenshots.

Probably the biggest change is that stuff can now break, and if it does, it will have to be repaired! If you try this and fail, it's probably a good idea to  take a break if you get stunned.

The cooking skill will now have more of an effect on the food you create: Similarly to paintings, your food will now have a quality rating. Based on the quality, people will react with happiness or disgust.

You can now learn to code, and in doing so, gain the ability to hack other people for a little bit of profit. Something interestin also happens if you fail, but I don't want to spoil it here. Try it out for yourself!

Along with some more new features, there are also some visual improvements, like a nice border that makes the map not seem like it's a flat plane floating in space anymore.

Lots can now be named in build mode as well, and the name will display when trying to visit the lot.

One of the new pieces of furniture that were added was long overdue: A single bed! This one is a variation of the modern double bed, but of course, there will be more styles of beds and other furniture in the future.

The main menu also got an upgrade: Seeing which save file is which will now be a bit easier to see, as the last played household will be displayed in  the list. Note that this only happens after you first opened a save in the new version and selected a household.

As always, here's a copy of the full changelog for this version. As I said, it's quite a bit of stuff.

- Added food quality, which is influenced by the cooking skill
- Added object reliability, objects breaking and a repair skill
- Added a programming skill and some related actions
- Added the ability to try to gauge the relationship level of others
- Added Focused and Creative emotions
- Added a furniture storage to build mode
- Added a TV furniture item
- Added a "fool around" action for people who are romantic with each other
- Added a large amount of new food types
- Added a white outline around highlighted objects
- Added visual borders to the map
- Added an option to change the auto-save interval
- Added a few new flooring options
- Added the modern single bed
- Added the ambitious personality type
- Added three more job types
- Added two default exported households that ship with the game
- Added a button to choose a random first and last name for a person
- Added hotkeys for switching people (tab) and opening different tabs (number keys)
- Added the ability to give lots names
- Made the last played household display in the Load Game menu
- Made clothing cost money
- Made computer screens display images for each action
- Made Uncomfortable emotion get worse the lower a need is
- Improved some existing personality types
- Fixed getting embarrassed at yourself when showering or on the toilet
- Fixed non-sellable objects like gravestones being removed when importing a lot
- Fixed people placing items far away on large tables
- Fixed the sleeping pose displaying in the wrong location in beds sometimes
- Fixed being able to sell other people's paintings
- Fixed some sounds being too quiet or too loud
- Fixed being able to take food that someone else is currently eating
- Fixed off-the-grid objects (placed using Alt) having incorrect visual depth
- [API] Allow mods to have icons
- [API] Allow clothes to have multiple texture layers<span></span>


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Version 0.7.0 Feb 18, 2021
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Version 0.7.0 Feb 18, 2021
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Version 0.7.0 Feb 18, 2021

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