Steam Wishlisting!

Hey everyone! I'm coming to you with an exciting announcement: Tiny Life can now be wishlisted on Steam!

Not only does wishlisting the game on Steam keep you in the loop about when the game is released, but it also helps make the game more popular, allowing other people to see it and wishlist it as well! It's quite a cycle, really.

To see the Steam page, just click the word "Steam page" in this sentence. Or the other word "St"- I'm not saying it again.

Alternatively, you can also take a look at the fun, new website over at, which also features a link to the Steam page.

Also, in unrelated news: In case you like flags as much as I do, get excited for some flags coming in the next update. There's a lot of them. Happy Pride Month!

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In the game the letters are square and black ¿how do I solve it?

What operating system are you on? Please post that and your log file to the community as described on the game's main page ( under the Issues section.

my operating system is windows 7